Initial Post is Initial

After a long incubation, is finally up and running (at least in a beginning form). Whoo-hoo! So what in the blue-hammock-camping-mountaineer is Le Pipeline?

Well (not to diminish the other sections of the site, as there’s all that other wonderful stuff like resumes and reels and dinosaurs), this – Le Pipeline – is the bestest place for my most recent exploits to be chronicled. IN REAL TIME.

(As in, things will be written, and then they will be posted to be read.)


Firstliciously, to get this digital ball a-roll-a-rollin’, here’s a quick detail-light overview of the things currently in the cooker:

  • Adapting C.S. Lewis’ novel Till We Have Faces into a theatrical script with Michele Ward
  • Gearing up to begin rehearsals for The Carpenter’s Gift – a two-actor Christmas touring show with Taproot Theatre
  • Exploring the beginning stages of a theatre project, (code)named V, that connects  mythology, spiritual longing, and physical storytelling
  • Building a commercial voiceover reel, taking courses in sound engineering, and BUILDING A FREAKING MICROPHONE (appropriate)
  • Building a Youtube series of instructional mime curriculum, tentatively under the title The Talking Mime

That’s the rough sketch at the moment. More in-depth updates and details will be posted once I figure out a beauteous system for doing such magical things.

Rock Awesome,